Conference Papers

“Multiple Gifts: Prints and Medals in Louis XIV Gift Inventories,” in Worlding Early Modern France, Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, March 2018.

“Roots, routes and resignification: the life-changing travels of Louis XIV prints and medals,” in College Art Association Annual meeting, Los Angeles, February 2018.

“Image, Music, Text and Metadata: Reflections on the challenges of the Choix de Chansons,” British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Annual Conference, Oxford, January 2018.

“Gifts for a Shah: the perilous lives of Louis XIV prints and medals,” in Serious Play: A Farewell Symposium in Honour of Jennifer Milam, The University of Sydney, November 2017.

“The symbolic amplification of French Royal medals by Canadian aborigines,” in Global Histories of Art: crossing the modern/early modern divide University of Sydney, August 2017.

“Multiple Lives: Louis XIV prints, medals and global exchange,” in New Perspectives on the Ancien Régime, INHA, Paris, July 2017.

“Grace Pennies and Peace Medals: Wearing Numismatic Portraits in the Early-Modern World,” in Renaissance Coins and Medals, Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, March/April 2017.

“Tanned by the Sun King: Donald Trump and Louis XIV,” Enchanted Isles, Fatal Shores: Living Versailles, National Gallery of Australia, March 2017.

“From Versailles to Nouvelle France: French ‘Indian Peace Medals’ of the Eighteenth Century,” in Versailles in the World, NYU, January 2016.

“Autumn,” in Apollo and Arachne: Louis XIV and the French Royal Collection of Tapestries, The Getty Center, January 2016.

“Bodies in Flux: Louis XIV medals as objects of cross-cultural exchange,” in Image, Space and Body in Early-Modern Art and Design (co-convenor Petra Kayser), Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual conference, Brisbane, November 2015

“Performing Transdisciplinarity: Image, Music, and Text in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture” in Digital Approaches in the Study of Early Modern Culture, ANU, Canberra, November 2015; and Recasting the Question: Digital Approaches in Art History and Museums, The University of Sydney, November 2015.

“Louis XIV’s Famille Royale medals and the Iroquois people of Nouvelle France” in Global France, Global French, ANU, Canberra, October 2015.

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“Louis XIV’s Cabinet du Roi: questioning the transcultural reception of early-modern prints,” in Delimiting the Global in Renaissance/Early Modern Art History, Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, Berlin, March 2015.

“Mobile landscapes: The transcultural aesthetics of palace views in early-eighteenth-century France and China” (with Stephen H. Whiteman), in Moblizing ideas in the long eighteenth century, David Nichol-Smith Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Studies XV, Sydney, December 2014.

“Strikes, prints, stamps and inlays for the decorative display of Louis XIV’s medals,” in Print culture and the decorative arts, 1500-1800: towards an expanded field, Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference, Melbourne, December 2013.

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“The frontispiece for Médailles sur les Principaux Événements du Règne de Louis Le Grand, 1702,” David Nichol Smith conference in Eighteenth-century Studies, Melbourne, July, 2011.

“An Eyewitness to Absolutism: ideology, history and memory in the work of Adam-Franz Van der Meulen,” 17th George Rudé Seminar in French History and Civilization, Sydney, July 2010.

“Mapping the King’s Victory: A Printed Image of Louis XIV’s Conquest of Lille,“ Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual conference, Canberra, November 2009.